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    Paws & Pyrotechnics

    Fireworks displays are a beloved tradition in many cultures around the world, bringing communities together to celebrate special occasions. However, for our four-legged friends, these dazzling spectacles can often be a source of anxiety and distress. Many dogs suffer from noise phobia, with the loud and unpredictable sounds of fireworks causing them to experience fear and stress. In response to this concern, we, as a fireworks company has emerged with a unique mission: to help dog owners desensitise their pets and alleviate their fireworks-related anxieties.
    With this in mind we have found some very useful links (listed below). We ask that you share this post in the hope that we can get it to as many people as possible. Its important to start the process now for it to be effective. (includes 10hr video of sounds)

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    We offer a range of firework and flame displays. These are traditional or pyro-musical displays from our set price packages to large bespoke public events and everything in between.

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    Consumer Shop

    Buy DIY fireworks online for use at your own party. You can buy multishot barrages, sparklers, rockets and more. These are available as collection only from our Kent base.

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    Trade Shop

    Buy our range of fireworks for use in professional displays. We can only supply insured and licensed companies.

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    Equipment Hire

    You can hire our firing system as well as lighting towers and generators to help run your display. We now also have flame projectors that can be hired from us for events.

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    Firework Training

    BPA Firers and Senior Firers training courses run in Spring and Autumn.


Make your wedding special with a professional firework display.

Large Events

Safety, innovation and world-class displays.

Corporate Events

Corporate functions, product launches and customer entertainment.