The Right Royal Party – made up on ordering


The Right Royal Party – made up on ordering


This Red, White & Blue Celebration pack contains:

  • X2 Fanfare Royale – 80 shot Z shape cake. Red., White & Blue Cake with a Silver Finale lasts 50 seconds
  • X2 King Kong Blue – 10 shot candle
  • X2 King Kong Silver – 10 shot candle
  • X2 Red Mist – 19 shot cake. Red tail to red glittering willow with blue stars
  • X2 Boogie – 56 shot candle. Red glittering tail to blue star with rising silver chrysanthemum crackle
  • X2 Bang Tidy – 40 shot fan cake. Silver tails, silver glitter mines, bursting to red strobe willows with blue stars
  • X2 Dark Demolisher – 19 shot dump cake. Instantaneous lift of crackling mines to bursts of crackling glitter chrysanthemum.
  • X2 Colour Crackles – 25 shot cake. Blue and red strobes to crackle stars and gold spider to red strobe
  • X2 Bee’s in the Trees – 34 shot cake. Low noise barrage of mixed mines and comets with bees, spinners and glittering rain.
  • X2 Packs of 5 portfires

The run time is approx nearly 5 mins without breaks.

Phoenix reserve the right change products subject to availability.  RRP £815.88

Pictures are illustration purposes only – may not be to scale.